Monday, 19 October 2015

Its something special that happened some months back to a person who always thought that "what a browser can do except browsing" ;Mozilla Firefox, is the that changed my views and I started to explore this beautiful piece of art  more deeply and then the time came when i explored
Firefox Student Ambassador Program
"A way To explore
a way to connect;
A way to design
and a way to express."

As a person i always was in search of what new can i do in my life ,how well can i connect with the world outside and FSA program gave me that platform which enabled me to do all that what i wanted.
Then i decided to hold a maker party event followed by foxyeah,these events were such a great success that even today i think that ,was that me who did that.
I met awesome people from distant places and am enjoying this community and FSA program to my fullest.
I helped  many to become FSA's helped them to make their contribution in building the web

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You can see my Contribution

I am-
Shivang Shekhar
Founder-Mozilla FSA Club-NU
Founder of Mozilla Back2School Program
First FSA in my batch.

I am a Mozillian

Some of My Mozillian Pics-