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                                                        FREE The BASICS

A new year has begin with the hope to enlighten our life and world. Last year 2k15 was a year of digital revolution as we all noticed the ‘digital india’ movement and net neutrality.Towards the end of 2k15 mark zuckerberg CEO of Facebook bombarded us with his new model popularily known as “free basic” .

So what is free basics and what is so free about it?

So let me tell you there is nothing free in this world, as this world is based on policy of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Free basics is just the substitute of internet.org , its game to control or gain monopoly of most powerful weapon of this generation called internet.

Why suddenly mark zuckerberg started his campaigns and movement in India? Because India is the country with second largest population and big market for giant like Facebook.

Free basics is platform offered by Facebook gives free access to few sites in order to promote net neutrality and access to basic internet facilities but why? Why Facebook is giving free access to some sites only and if giving then to how equality and neutrality will be achieved?
Whoever controls the data ocean control global economy as clear as crystal.

Silicon valley data grab is the new form of COLONIALISM

Zero rating tariff model –
A practice wherein service provider offer free data to user for select application And website and paper has become key to the debate on net neutrality.
It also violates the principle of TRAI . Tariff should not be based on policy of discrimination or misleading malpractice.
It’s very important for government of India to promote the concept of “open web”. And internationally also openness should be maintained on web. Power to write , share media on Internet shouldn’t be taken from individuals.


There are various Internet responsible organizations fighting for this cause and one of them is Mozilla.
Mozilla promotes web literacy and open web. But what is web literacy?
Mozilla understand web literacy to the skills and competencies required to read and write and participate effectively on web.
Mozilla is active in fighting for online privacy hence being awarded the most trusted internet company for privacy in 2012.
Mozilla works on both the concepts of web literacy as well as web openness and helps us to see the web in a natural way.
Mozilla has worked on various projects to secure the open web concept.
All the mozilla products are open for use and  are free of cost as well as are open source, the fact of openness is the innate part of mozilla organisation.

Mozilla is also running various programes to promote web openness and including people from different regions of the world to work for the open web .

Altogether in present scenario Mozilla is giving the best example of what the web should look like and whats future of the web

Recently mark zuckerberg came to India and visit Delhi university and discussed about free basics . But the issue is free basics or mark is doing nothing to promote web literacy in rural areas of India . In India people have mobile connections but are unable to afford 2g or 3g plans. There is urgency of establishing clears regulation and set principles for cyber law as cyber crime is at its alarming rate.
With the country who is still not considered to be developed one , needs to be aware and well versed with use of technology rather giving free access which might lead to more crimes . And free basics is giving free access to some useless sites and the question is what are the rules standards on which it will be decided by CEO of Facebook to give free access to the sites as one discretion is different from the other , for some wikipedia might be a useful site and not for some.
Free basics is also going to affect Indian startups as owner of paytm , zomato GoQii wrote to TRAI chairman R.s sharma pitching for open internet while seeking clear regulations on the issue of differential pricing for data services.
Indian partner of Facebook reliance has collaborate with social media giant in order to provide services in our country but these services are put on hold by TRAI.

The basis of technology is to grow and let grow but policies and offers like free basics foil this notion.

Too much technology all around
Pen n pencil goes underground

Once studied in lite
Now am busy on sites

Once carrying the math book
Now it changed to Mac book

Too much technology all around
Pen n pencil goes underground

Texting on highway
Will lead u to skyway
My face rested on my book
All I do is Facebook

Ain't free ain't basic
Remind me of qbasic
All I think is on which basis

Its game behind the name
With rise of price in disguise
Will nation be misguide.

All about the power
To conquer d highest tower
Its shame being lame

Too much technology all around
Pen n pencil goes underground.

Special Thanks to 

Always fighting for open web.

Shivang Shekhar

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